Roundhay Artists Open Studios

Welcome to Roundhay Artists Open Studios 2017

For a fourth year the professional artists of Roundhay are opening the doors of their studios to the public. Roundhay Artist Open Studios 2017 is on Sunday 30th April and Bank Holiday Monday 1st May between 11am and 5pm.

It provides an occasion for the public to visit the artists’ studios and see the wide range of creative talent in the area, which includes artists working in portraiture, ceramics, landscapes and abstract paintings, textiles, sculpture, glass and experimental mixed media.

This is a chance for the public to engage with the artists and discover the passion and inspiration that drives them, watch them at work, and even in some cases have a go themselves.

There will be opportunities to purchase one off pieces of art and also commission work to individual specifications.

This is a wonderful opportunity for an inspiring look at this thriving community.

We have produced a leaflet detailing a route and participating artists profiles:-

Download map/artist info here

If you are a practising visual artist and live in Roundhay and would like to take part in an Open Studio event in future years please contact us for further information.

The Open Studios is supported by Roundhay Councillors Christine Macniven, Ghulam Hussain and Bill Urry and by OTRA.


Nick Claiden – Tel: 0785 4949876 email:
Tony Driver – Tel: 07939 586926 email:


1. Tim Miller

Address: 14 Kingswood Crescent LS8 2BG

Tim has been creating art for over 18 years. It is a real passion, depending on the mood of the painting these works can be a real focal point or they can blend subtly into any space.

Access: Studio at the end of the garden accessed by steps.
Open: Sunday only

2. Hoss’e Amini

Address: 2 Holmfield Drive LS8 1AZ

Creative activities have always been part of his life. Hoss’e says he dreams his painting then paints his dream. His artwork is expressed by using different mediums, not restricted to pencil and paints. For him the journey of art is never ending which is why the techniques he uses to create his work are so varied.

Access: Interior display accessed by one step and display in gazebo outside.
Open: Sunday and Monday

3. Tony Driver

Address: 56 North Park Grove LS8 1EW
Tel: 07939 586926

Tony’s art includes most subject matter, although he is currently exploring the abstract nature of landscape. He works mainly with acrylics but enjoys experimenting with mixed media and texture resulting in intriguing , often unexpected effects in both personal and commissioned images. He was chosen as Artist of the Year at the St.Gemma’s Exhibition at Leeds Grammar School in 2016.

Access: Garden studio, wheelchair accessible.
Open: Sunday and Monday


Six artists are exhibiting their work in St.Andrew’s Church Hall at the junction of Shaftsbury Avenue and Devonshire Crescent. Access to the hall is from the Devonshire Crescent side. Wheelchair accessible. Refreshments and toilets available.

Open: SUNDAY 12pm to 5pm, MONDAY 11am to 5pm

Dan Ash

Tel: 07775 627161

Dan’s work is hand built ceramic stoneware sculpture and vessels. The starting point is rolled out slabs of clay which are cut and joined to form simple shapes which are then beaten or added to.His pieces are then twice fired up to 1240C and decorated with coloured slips and glazes.

Ed Bennett

Tel: 0113 2933302 / 07841163682                                                                                                             Web:

Ed is a woodturner continually looking for new forms to create that show off the inherent beauty of wood. He says he still get excited about the colours and grain patterns that the medium of wood provides. The period of crafting becomes a continual conversation between turner and wood right up to the final coat of beeswax. He is constantly looking for new forms to create although he is just as happy creating utilitarian pieces.

Michael Cox

Tel: 07501 134138

Michael’s art is simple. He paints what he sees, occasionally using a little imagination and a touch of artistic licence. He likes to experiment with materials, with most of his work being in mixed media. He uses charcoal, inks, watercolours and acrylics- sometimes all in one image. He is inspired by shapes, lines and colours found in landscapes, woodland and coastal scenes and also produces portrait and abstract work.

Geof Radley

Tel: 0113 2173778 / 07952 274553

Geof loves the ebb and flow of watercolour and its demands as a medium. He enjoys the colour and texture found in trees and nature. Bringing these elements together in a way that expresses an emotional connection is what excites and drives him. It is about the spaces in between.

Jacky Rough


Jacky graduated from Manchester Polytechnic and pursued a career in illustration for clients such as Jackie Magazine and Cambridge University Press. Her artwork is drawn with watercolour pencil, gouache and pen and ink. Recent pictures include scenes of Oakwood and Roundhay Park.

Sarah Thornton

Tel: 07944 223506

Sarah says she is always searching for new ways to represent her passion for nature and the feelings it evokes. She is interested in representation itself using a multiplicity of approaches to subject matter, striving for balance, making sense of chaos and order and the spaces in between.

5. Catherine Warburton

Address: 19 Lidgett Park Avenue LS8 1EU

Catherine gained a BA(Hons) in Fashion Textiles specialising in embroidery from Manchester Polytechnic. She works in many media producing watercolours, collages, acrylics and embroideries. She also makes lino cut prints and cards. Her work is full of pattern and colour inspired by what catches her eye, whether it be a vase of flowers or a landscape sketched on holiday.

Access: Ground floor accessed by one step at the front door.
Open: Sunday and Monday


Three artists are exhibiting their work in St. Edmund’s Church, Lidgett Park Road, Leeds LS8 1JN. Refreshments and toilets available. Wheelchair accessible.

Open: SUNDAY 12pm to 5pm, MONDAY 11am to 5pm.

Catherine Aldred

Tel: 07834 751647

Catherine is an illustrator and printmaker with a particular interest in the architectural detailing of buildings. She studied at Leeds College of Art and at Camberwell School of Art, London. She has exhibited widely in both solo and group shows. She undertakes commercial and private commissions, her most recent being for John Lewis for the launch of their new Leeds store.

Jo Dunn

Tel: 07810 205709

Jo studied Fine Art in Liverpool and Leeds during the 1980s. Her paintings and short animated films have won awards in the UK and abroad. Jo exhibits and sells her work regularly. Recent work includes landscapes and portraits in watercolour and pencil.

Robert Maida

Tel: 0113 2681410 / 07794 577385

Robert is a self taught artist and sculptor who paints tulips, landscapes based on his beloved Roundhay Park, and does figurative painting and sculpture. His paintings are mainly in oils, and often on large canvases.

7. Judy Merchant

Tel: 100 North Park Avenue LS8 1HP

Judy trained in Textiles and Printing at Canterbury College of Art. She works with layers of fabric, paint, gesso and machine stitching to produce abstract paintings. She is inspired by textures, patterns and marks evidencing the passage of time in nature and architecture.

Access: Four steps to front door, not easily accessible for people with limited mobility.
Open: Sunday and Monday

8. Nick Claiden

Address: 5 Lidgett Park Grove LS8 1HW

Nick’s lively and colourful work is strongly narrative in content and includes concepts of time, body language and flights of birds.

She uses these themes both in her glass and in her paintings. The glass is painted, often sculptural and uses some fused glass. The paintings are watercolour with etched glass.

Access: Garage studio. Wheelchair accessible
Open: Sunday and Monday

9. Janis Goodman

Address: 23 Chandos Gardens LS8 1LP
Tel: 07714 720443

Her etchings are preoccupied with the repeat patterns formed by the built environment and how these contrast with the organic forms of plants and birds. She engages with pattern but also finds great interest in the ways that repetitions are interrupted. Her pictures are small narratives in which different elements meet and interact.

Access: Small steps to ground floor. Help available for access.
Open: Sunday & Monday

10. Margaret Glackin & Catherine Faley

Address: 7 Oakwell Gardens, LS8 1RR
Tel: 07905 726862

The utilitarian aspect of their domestic homeware presents a mixture of practicality and art (eg Yarn Bowls, tableware, furniture and other items made from reclaimed wood), challenging cheap imports and raising the profile of well-designed handmade products. Margaret’s sculptured pieces explore the built environment and the natural colours of Yorkshire.

11. Debbie Samuel

Address: The Garden Room, 9 Whitechapel Close LS8 2PT

Inspired by the living world, Debbie’s observational sketches of the landscapeand natural materials are interpreted into tactile woollen pictures which work well as framed pieces. Vibrant, often abstract images are a feature of her work. She offers workshops enabling people of all abilities to create their own felted images.

Access: A garden room in the rear garden accessed by level paving and 2 small steps.
Open: Sunday and Monday

12. Heidi Farrar

Address: c/o 16 Whitechapel Close LS8 2PT

Heidi has a passion for wildlife and portrays it in ultra-high detail. She uses acrylics to create large scale focal point pieces with contemporary compositions.

Access: Two steps to ground floor
Open: Sunday and Monday

13. Mark Sofilas

Address: 18 Oakwood Drive LS8 2JB
Tel: 0113 2401716 / 07942 521059

Mark’s work is inspired by his love of the North Yorkshire coastline. It focuses on the towns and villages, the harbours, fishing boats & the locals that dot this rugged and beautiful part of Yorkshire. His paintings are very heavily influenced by the emotions a particular scene or moment evokes in him.

Access: Exhibiting space on ground floor and cellar studio all accessed by steps.
Open: Sunday and Monday

14. Gillian Holding

Address: Greystones, 11 Oakwood Grove LS8 2PA
Tel: 07952 240291

Gillian’s work explores the incongruity of the mundane ordinary, the everyday familiar and liminal spaces of our lives. Wandering the “edgelands” of cities such as Leeds and London the unfamiliar familiar and overlooked anonymity are revealed and made visible in a frequently disquieting way.

Access: Doorsteps and half flight of stairs with no handrails.
Open: Sunday and Monday

Thats everyone for this year but please remember not all our artists can exhibit at this event so please take a look around – Click here for a list of all our artists

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