Gillian Holding, What’s new

Over the next couple of months, Gillian Holding has a lot going on in and around Roundhay.

Through March/April is a show of new work at Opposite in Chapel Allerton. Gillian’s work explores notions of absurdity and incongruity in contemporary urban society. Mostly it highlights the banal, and out-of-place. Usually it is untroubling albeit often provoking feelings of dissonance. Through this series of elegiac portraits, the banal ordinariness of the urban environment prompts a new perspective on the normal everyday. Everything and everyone is a threat to someone somewhere, although not in any rational way. The terror is random, and yet not. Everyday becomes hazard. For more information click here


Potternewton Mansion, a listed place of worship and the home of the North Leeds Sikh Temple will be celebrating its recent lottery-heritage funded refurbishment with a programme of activities over the weekend of 16/17 April 2016. Gillian is one of a number of Leeds artists commissioned to make artwork for the temple. The large oil diptych will be on permanent display in the Gurdwara, and is informed by the social history of the building and surrounding area alongside the cultural intersection of the Sikh community with local history.

Through May 2016, Gillian will be participating in “And Did Those Feet”, an exhibition at St Edmund’s church in Roundhay inspired by Blake’s poem will open to the public on the May bank holiday weekend, to coincide with the Roundhay artists open studios event - with a preview evening on Friday April 29th (6.30-9.30pm). It will be open to the public during the church’s normal opening hours, and also at specified times during the week. There will be workshops and Q&A/meet-the-artist sessions during the course of the exhibition (dates and times tbc)

Last but by no means least, Gillian is one of four artists selected for a residency at Left Bank Leeds during the first fortnight of April. Left Bank, in the context of its immediate environs, is a perfect place for her to investigate with loads of scope for examining the everyday familiar of the building and the spaces inhabited and passed through on a daily basis. The way in which physical space is informed by our personal psychological ‘space’ (in turn influenced by cultural, identity and experiential notions, perceptions and assumptions about things) will be of particular interest here! The resulting work will be on show over 14-16 April. All the four artists will be attending the opening on 14th April 6-8pm to give a brief introduction to their work.

Further information will be available in due course on Gillian’s Facebook page Gillian Holding Visual artist about this and the other upcoming shows, including the Open Studios and Art Treasures Under the Bed events

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