Geof J Radley

Geof J Radley

About Geof J Radley

Geof attended the Laird School of Art, Birkenhead 1971-2. Fine art was his first love, but he was also greatly interest in 3-D design. After 3 years at the University of Central Lancashire, he began a career in structural packaging design.

He moved to Germany, where Creative Problem Solving became a new skill, managing and facilitating creative workshops around the globe. It was here too, that his love of watercolour was re-kindled, starting the journey he is currently pursuing as part of the Roundhay Artist’s community.

On returning to the UK, he continued his career in packaging, adding visualisation to his skill set, and in 2013 was made a visiting Fellow to Nottingham Trent University.

He continues to embrace his passion for watercolour and to develop his unique style and technique. Abstract reality woven into plain sight is an essential component of his work, always featuring trees in their splendour and many different forms.

A final Watercolour is the culmination of a number of studies to understand the form, shape, texture and nature of a scene, and to express these in a way that realises both the hidden and obvious beauty within.

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