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Ellie McVerry was born in Manchester in 1950. Attended school in Wales and due to work and family commitments has lived in London, Liverpool and for the last 30 years in Leeds.

Ellie attended life drawing classes at Featherbank College in Horsforth, followed by oil painting classes under the tutorage of Geraldine Thompson. From this Geraldine offered a number of the class a two year Foundation Degree in Art. A theme was required, and with her love of trees from childhood, Ellie presented a portfolio of original work based on trees called the Emotional Presence of Nature for which she received the highest mark.

Ellie’s work is an interpretation of nature, colours are used to evoke emotion, avoiding a naturalistic reading, full of light, unreal yet real, with the language of colour, a powerful means of communication.

Ellie has had her work displayed in a gallery in Harrogate, the Light in Leeds, Sunny Bank Mills and private collections throughout the world.

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